by Northern Flicker

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released November 10, 2015

Vocals, banjo, guitar, dobro, piano, synths by Lauren Edman
Composed, produced and engineered by Lauren Edman
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering
Artwork by Acey Thompson



all rights reserved


Northern Flicker Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Blanket
pity the girl who can't leave her life behind. she's calling. dug in so deep she can't find the light outside.

it's alright now. lay your head down. close your eyes to what's before you.

it's okay to let go. it's okay to stop fighting. you're just a speck on the globe. you never did want this.

all the things pile up, the things you did to survive. what do you do with them when you're well past survival? carved out a fine little home for yourself in a hellhole. every step led here; now all you want to do is go.

you can go now. they won't stop you. the rest of the world's on the other side.
Track Name: Alarms Off
it would take some time to get over it. but it's been some time; i'm just wasting time. don't separate the garbage, so it all piles up. i can't help myself. with some knitting needles i found peace above the ground. now that the alarms are off, i don't make a sound. where did i go? now nobody's listening. where do i go?

sleep through the night, sleep through the day. this is your life. keep it at bay. silence the sounds that shatter the calm. if you keep this up, it won't be long.
Track Name: Cuscuta
she was alone when you came to her. just skin and bone, dead dreams shorn off with her hair. still mourning butterflies crushed under sudden snow. where will you take her? she doesn't know what she is telling you.

stopped ever feeling like her time has come. stopped ever doing what she needed to get done. these vines take root and never let her go, and again she doesn't feel worthy of it.

dialogue screams behind placid eyes. a stream of doubts churning, crippling any chance of realizing anything too far beyond all she knows too well. this is who i'm made to be.

how do they feel good enough? how do they feel strong enough? we used to be bold but then we learned too much. put the pieces back in place. put a smile back on your face. carry only what you need to get you through. make it seem easy.

sometimes the world seems wide open. endless possibilities, life in constant motion. then the walls close in. so much never really changes. and sometimes i think i'm right, sometimes i think i'm wrong. that's all.
Track Name: The World We Know
fortune has led me to this life with you. you don't even know. that's okay though. that's not me now, not the girl you know.

the net's out if we can make it down from here, wide as i can see. if we stay here we'll disappear. it's not the world we want.

we've been overloaded with dead weight. we're closing the curtain on each day. killing time with every memory. it's not the life i want.

fasten your seatbelt, baby. don't look down. there's another way. we must believe. we have to see past the world we know.